IFWT_Seth Rollins

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins started off “Monday Night Raw” with a bang by insulting both special guest Johnny Manziel and the city of Cleveland. Rollins hit Manziel with a massive burn by calling the Browns quarterback “Johnny Idiot Face” and saying he would never bring a title to Cleveland.  He then took a swipe at LeBron James by saying he’ll never bring them a title either.  It’ll hurt even more if the Cavaliers lose to the Warriors tonight.

“Take a good look, Cleveland, take a good look because this is what a World Championship looks like,” Rollins exclaimed while holding up his belt.

“Johnny Idiot-Face over there is never going to bring you a title. LeBron James ain’t bringing a title back to Cleveland. This is the only championship you should be celebrating, so soak it up because I am leaving this piece of crap town, and I am taking this title with me.”

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Source: Sporting News