New York’s legendary rapping native is teaming up with the city’s exclusive chicken and waffles restaurant for expansion ventures and branding ideas.

You remember Nas right? The New York based lyrical rapper that took Hip Hop by storm with the hit album ‘Illmatic’. The rapper that turned actor in the notorious film “Belly”? The rapper that was Jay’Z rival in the 90’s era. Nas has been laying low when it comes to rapping, but he is now trying a new venture instead, restaurant partnership. It seems Nas has drifted away from the music industry and decided to invest his time, fame and money into something that brings in continuous amounts of money. As you may have already heard Nas teamed up with Sprite in the past. Using his music for the campaign and commercials. Now we has dibbled into the food business with New York’s Sweet Chick. Sweet Chick is a laid back chicken and waffles joint with a small bar and hippie style decor. There are currently two Sweet Chick restaurants in New York City.

Nas and John Seymour (resturant owner) has teamed up together to expand and bring more of Baan audience to the business. This partnership is expected to begin in the next year. John Seymour who is a huge Nas fan say’s,

“It’s a dream come true”

Seymour is hoping the restaurant can truly move forward with a ‘NY state of mind.

Sweet Chick is the closest to the sweet southern cooking we can get up in the North. I highly recommend checking it out especially after Nas makes some changes to the restaurant.

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