Stephen Curry

Unless you’ve been locked away for the past 24 hours, you might have heard that the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers and have been crowned the 2015 NBA Champions. Well apparently after the game while Steph Curry and his teammates were celebrating, one of the fans tried to slip a cigar in Riley Curry’s mouth.


After the game and some celebrating, Steph Curry — like any regular human being– went and got dinner after a long and exhausting game. While he was eating, a fan asked him to sign some stuff and thats where the incident occurred according to SI’s Lee Jenkins:

“Sitting at the end of a long table, [Stephen] dug into a plate of steak, macaroni and mashed potatoes. One man approached and asked Curry to autograph his Polo shirt. “I’ve got a lot of Polos,” the man said. Another tried to slip an unlit cigar into Riley’s mouth. “No,” she replied, shaking her head.”

People are sickening; how could any sane human being try and shove tobacco in a child’s mouth?

Luckily Riley has great parents who taught her to never take things from strangers — especially cigars!