So many innocent lives gone in the blink of an eye thanks to a calculating, barbaric terrorist who wanted to start a race war. I wonder if people like Dylan Roof ever take a second to consider the aftermath of what their heinous actions will do to countless families or do they just have a one track mind? Nine people lost their lives this week but the agony and pain for the families of the victims will live on forever. Thankfully for a young man like Chris Singleton, who’s mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, was killed by Roof, he has more than just blood family to help keep him strong.


Chris is a baseball player for Charleston Southern University and last night his entire team was there to support and embrace him as he addressed the media.

“We are especially mourning the loss of Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, the mother of rising sophomore Chris Singleton,” said President Jairy C. Hunter Jr. “Chris is a member of our baseball team. The CSU family is praying for Chris and his family during this painful time. CSU coaches and campus ministers are assisting the Singleton family as they deal with this tragedy.”

Head coach Stuart Lake will surely miss Sharonda’s presence in the bleachers.

“Chris’s mother was just that parent that as a coach you are proud to have as part of your program. What she brought to our team is immeasurable,” said Lake.

Our condolences continue to go out to anyone affected by this horrible tragedy.