A statement like this does not surprise me at all, especially when it is coming from Adrien Broner. If you watched his fight against Maidana, then you know Broner isn’t classy even when he loses a fight. He kept that same trend going after his loss to Shawn Porter.

I guess this is just what we have to expect when talking about Adrien Broner. Following his fight with Shawn Porter, Broner spoke on the fight not really changing anything about him. For instance, he mentioned that he is still good financially and in order to be a great champion, you have to be able to take a loss.

Ironically, Floyd Mayweather spoke after the fight and admitted that Broner has some growing up to do. I think he is right in a sense; however, if that is the guy Broner chooses to be then, so be it. I’m not sure how Broner could make a statement like taking his opponent’s girl out to dinner after taking a loss in a decision, but we learn something new everyday.

Post Fight Comments…

One thing about Broner, though, you have to respect his forwardness. No matter the outcome or situation, he seems to live up to the fighter/person we know him to be. Someone who doesn’t conform or compromise their character for popular opinion is respectable in a sense.

It is somewhat laughable, however, that Floyd calls Adrien the future of boxing; but, I think he has a thing or two to learn from Floyd about truly becoming a champion.