The he-said-she-said that has been going on in this assault case concerning Diddy and his son’s coach at UCLA has been getting out of control. Now Diddy is claiming that his son has been psychologically damaged by his coaches during his 3-year tenure at UCLA.


Heres what TMZ reported:

Our sources claim strength and conditioning coach Alosi engaged in psychological warfare against Justin for the past 3 years. Our sources say Alosi was verbally abusive to the extreme — publicly humiliating Diddy’s son on numerous occasions.
The sources say it was evident to anyone who watched … Alosi was bullying Justin, and psychologically damaged him.
We’re told Diddy was well aware of the “bullying” and when Justin came home Monday, he said he was told to leave the field and not return for the summer. Diddy decided it was time to have a talk with the coach

Looks like the back and forth is between the two parties is not going to slow down any time soon and Diddy is standing his ground.

This is not looking pretty at all!