(Photos) And It Don’t Stop: Diddy Kids and Kim Get “Swatted”

Diddy Kids & Kim Get "Swatted"

Death threats, gun shots, blazing house fires and frantic emergency calls that bring big guns and SWAT tanks to residential neighborhoods–guess who’s the latest in a wild Hollywood troll-trend as Diddy Kids and Kim Get “Swatted” in their Los Angeles area home.

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(Video) Haaaan: French Montana Caught Slippin’ On Diddy’s Airplane


When you’re 60,000 ft. in the air – on Diddy’s jet – what you should not do is get caught schleep (yes, Gucci Mane voice)! Mouth wide open and snoring on LOUD, from a long day of recording surely, French Montana was caught slippin’. Those Zzz’s are nothing to play with when you’re a drained recording artist.

Check it out after the jump.

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(Photos) Diddy’s Son Justin Combs Reps The 90s For His 21st Birthday


Justin Dior Combs celebrated his 21st birthday over the weekend and the turn-out, a massive one. Diddy’s eldest son decided to do things 90s style. While there were no Talkboy devices or Nintendo games, the theme brought out bucket hats, Versace shirts and Ma$e. Along with the Harlem World rapper, Justin’s parents (of course) Diddy and Misa Hylton, brothers Christian and Quicy, Cassie, Justin Bieber an MANY more attended the celebration.

The young adult let the world know of his “hip hop royalty” status with a thrown, scepter, a crown (fit for a prince) and a bottle of Moët.

Check out the lit festivities after the jump.

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(Video) Diddy Drops Some Serious Knowledge For 2015 On His Instagram


Hip-Hop mogul Diddy took to his Instagram page to give all of his followers some motivational knowledge for 2015. He goes on a rant saying how our generation needs to “stop taking so many selfies and hustle harder.” Diddy is definitely dropping some jewels for us to get our pockets up this year! Check out the 1 minute and 15 seconds worth of greatness below. TELL ‘EM, DIDDY!

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(Video) Styles P Speaks On Diddy Punching Drake


Styles P Speaks On Diddy Punching Drake
Legendary Lox Member Styles P sits down with DJ Vlad and talks about Diddy allegedly punching Drake, and also the time he spent with Biggie in this clip from his exclusive interview with Vlad TV.

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(Video) Suge Knight Has Lil Wayne’s Back 100%, But Sends Out Threats To Drake?!


Has Suge Knight not learned from his latest tear-jerking session in court? Following Knight and Katt Williams’ arrest for allegedly stealing a camera from a female paparazzi, Knight was shown in court listening to the judge pretty much say, you’re famous; cameras are going to follow you. Now, lesson not learned, Knight is sending out cryptic messages to Drake, stating that if he doesn’t have Wayne’s back, during the Cash Money ordeal, then he’ll have to answer to big guy himself.

Check it out down bottom.

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(PHOTO) Victim of Diddy and Shyne Shooting Speaks Out 15 Years Later On Instagram


Victim of Diddy and Shyne Shooting Speaks Out 15 Years Later On Instagram
Today ,December 27th marks the 15th anniversary of the pretty infamous New York City night club shooting involving Bad Boy CEO Diddy (Formerly known as Puff Daddy, Puffy, Sean John..YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN !!) a Bad Boy Recording Artist known as Shyne and Hispanic Pop Star and Former Girlfriend of Diddy, Jennifer Lopez. UPNORTHTRIPS acknowledged the anniversary with the Instagram photo that you can find up in the gallery, giving us one of those “Wow, it’s really been that long?” moments. But the post became more interesting when a woman identifying herself as one of the three shooting victims spoke out in the comments.

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(Video) Ho, Ho, Ho! Diddy Has A Special Christmas Message For Everyone!


Hip-Hop mogul Diddy (better known as ‘Black Santa’) got into the holiday spirit by dressing up as Santa Clause on his fancy boat to give us a special Christmas message that he posted onto his Instagram page. I mean, I’m pretty sure Santa is supposed to be in the North Pole somewhere and not in paradise somewhere lounging in the water somewhere on a luxurious yacht BUT, what do I know.. LOL! Check out Black Santa’s video to his followers below. Ho, ho, ho!

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IFWT Exclusive: The FULL Story Of What Happened Between Drake & Diddy That Night!

Drake vs Diddy

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you may not know that this past Sunday, Drake and Diddy got into quite a scuffle at Miami nightclub, LIV. As the week has gone on, details about the situation have trickled out from various news sources, and today, IFWT has even more exclusive details from TWO people on the scene. Let’s recap what has been confirmed thus far first:

1. The fight was NOT over Cassie, but rather Drake’s song, “0-100.”
2. Diddy was pissed that Drake just took the beat and ran with it, despite the fact it was given to them by its producer, Boi-1da, for them BOTH to be on.
3. Drake didn’t want to wait around for Diddy any longer, who was “sitting on” the song, so that’s when he recorded the now Grammy-nominated “0-100″ and put it out.
4. Diddy has been pissed about this for MONTHS, even throwing shots toward Drake to an entire club back in June, but the video flew under the radar.
5. Sunday at LIV was the first time the guys have seen each other since Drake put the song out.
6. Drake was hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder following the fight.

Now, as we mentioned, IFWT spoke with 2 sources on the scene, and we have more details for you below!

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The Shade: Diddy Likes Wendy Williams’ Post About Drake Needing To Respect His Elders

Drake vs Diddy

As previously reported, Drake and Diddy got into a fight while at LIV in Miami on Sunday night. Originally believed to be about Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie, it was later revealed that it was all over the song “0-100.”

Apparently, the song’s producer Boi-1da gave the track to both of them, and Drake felt that Diddy waited too long to do anything on it, so he went ahead and did so himself. This naturally pissed Diddy off, who even vented about it to an entire club back in June. Since the song’s release, he hadn’t seen Drake…until Sunday night, and that’s when it all went from 0 to 100 – real quick. Real f*ckin’ quick.

Though Drizzy is acting like nothing’s wrong and pretty much ignoring the situation, Diddy is still throwing jabs, and did so today on social media.

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