(Video) Diddy Releases Raunchy Fragrance Ad Featuring Cassie.. & They’re Practically Banging On Camera!


Diddy has been the king of controversy ever since word broke that his TV ad for his new fragrance line called 3 AM by Sean John is just WAY too hot for TV. In fact, the ad is so raunchy that even the big wigs up at Macy’s found it to be just too explicit. After seeing the full thing, I do NOT even blame them!

In the commercial, Diddy features his drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend Cassie and the two basically simulate tons of sexual actions on camera. She’s straddling him with her pierced nips out, he gets on top and goes to work and so on. It’s a SUPER sexy commercial, nonetheless. Like… really sexy. However, I cannot see this being played on TV with your grandma watching unless she’s into that sort of thing.

Diddy is brilliant though because this entire controversy is the ultimate promo stunt. The fragrance, which is being released on Wednesday May 6th, has so much buzz around it simply off the fact that everyone keeps talking about how sexually-charged and inappropriate the ad is. With that being said, who WOULDN’T want to 1) watch the commercial and 2) see what this stuff smells like. Hey, maybe if they smell like Diddy, they can start bagging girls who look like Cassie. It’s all very brilliant.

Take a look at the full ad below and let us know what you think.

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Yikes: Diddy’s New Fragrance Ad Is TOO Controversial For Macy’s Because Of THIS


According to Macy’s, Hip-Hop mogul Diddy’s new fragrance called “3AM” is too risque for their liking. Diddy’s ad, which was recently shot in Los Angeles, stars himself and his 28-year-old girlfriend Cassie. The two are apparently acting out various stimulated sex scenes, with both her straddled on top of him and him “thrusting” her with their clothes on. We also hear that Cassie’s pierced nips are also visible in the ad. Diddy tried to re-edit the commercial countless times to make the big wigs at Macy’s happy, but that almost resulted in the fragrance launch getting delayed.

According to a source, “The full-length version includes such provocative images that retailers were concerned about young customers seeing [them].” They went on to say, “The required edits almost delayed the [fragrance] launch. In an attempt to bypass the censors, Combs tried to get the commercial [out on cable channels], but it was still deemed too racy.” To stir up some more controversy, Diddy just posted the news article onto his Instagram page poking fun at the fact his new ad is so sexual. Sounds to me like some grade A promo work.

Check out Diddy’s posts to get us hyped for his new fragrance in the gallery.

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(Photo) Couples in Vegas


How cute was it to see all the hottest couples in Vegas this weekend. From Meek to LiL Wayne and Michael Jordan the fanciest love bird were out on the town and hitting up the top casinos with their lovely ladies. 03’s Bonnie & Clyde were another one of couples in Vegas.

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(Photo) Diddy Selling His New Jersey Home Again


It’s back on the market, hip-hop mogul Diddy re-lists his New Jersey Home for 8.5 Million.

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Diddy Makes Sure To Bring Extra Protection To The Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight


While hosting an after-party this weekend in Vegas for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, Diddy wants to make sure he leaves the fighting to the professionals this time. After reportedly getting in to a fight with a fan during Super Bowl weekend, Diddy made sure to beef his security this weekend to make sure he doesn’t have to throw any haymakers of his own this time.

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(Video) Diddy Is About To Embark On His Last-Ever Tour

Diddy x Ellen

The one-and-only Diddy stopped by The Ellen Show yesterday and revealed that he’d soon be embarking on a world tour. Fans of the Bad Boy mogul better cop tickets, though – since it’s the last time they’re going to get the chance to see him perform live!

“I’m not gonna hit a lot of places, but the places that I am gonna hit, it’s important for me because it’s probably my last time touring,” Diddy told Ellen.

He’s also putting the finishing touches on his final album, MMM, and has been back in the lab with his Hitmen crew, producing for the likes of Kanye, The Weeknd and more.

Check out the interview below

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(Video) Boxing: Diddy & Mark Wahlberg Make $250,000 Bet On Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight


A lot of you might think you are talking placing real money on the biggest fight in history May 2nd, but most people can’t even understand this level of money talk. Diddy and Mark Wahlberg made a wager of $250,000 on the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. Diddy is going for Floyd, and Mark for Manny. When you are rich like these guys it’s easy to make bets like this because there is really nothing to worry about. $250K is a lot of money, but it’s small change to them. Who you think will win this bet?? Diddy probably is not used to someone calling him out for small wager like Mark does at first.

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(Photo) Will Diddy Star In ‘Rush Hour 4’? Well This Billboard Says So!


There has been a billboard for ‘Rush Hour 4′ Starring Diddy that popped up in Los Angeles and it has us all wondering, will Diddy star in the next Rush Hour Movie? Or is this some sort of joke? Hop into the post to find out! #IFWT

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(Video) Kanye Joining The Hitmen To Work on Diddy’s New Album

Kanye Joins The Hitmen for Diddy Album

Guess who’s back in the studio and guess WHO’S going in with him??? It’s all G.O.O.D. and officially lit as the Bad Boy mogul now has Kanye Joining The Hitmen To Work on Diddy’s New Album!!!

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(Photos) Diddy Shows Off His New Pet Giraffe!

_Diddy Shows Off His New Pet Giraffe

Diddy shared a photo of his new pet giraffe on his Instagram. Read more on the story and check out the photos of Diddy and his pet giraffe in the gallery below!

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