The NBA Draft is not just about young kids realizing a dream and being selected to play in the NBA. Nope, that’s only part of the festivities now as social media runs our lives. Besides hearing their names being said, they are in the house to show off their own personal style just as much.


The planning that goes into the night’s outfit for some of these rookies is almost as intense as the practice and preparation it took to get to this point. They want to make a name for themselves on draft night with their suit game, long before they get to make a name for themselves on the court in the pros.

Take a look through the gallery and you guys decide who was looking the most fresh. Kelly Oubre from Kansas, who is now on the Wizards, pretty much stole the show when it came to the shoe game, but some of these young boys were up on that stage looking crisp. Some others, well, not so much.

To see the full list of players outfits, click here! Don’t forget to check the gallery!