$2 Million Worth of Heroin Found in Diaper Box

Police report that they have taken down a pair of two drug rings that operated in Washington Heights. One of the rings operated as a phone delivery service for cocaine and heroine and the other was an open-air drug market. These operations ran practically right next door to other another and extremely close to two public schools.After a year and half of investigating police were finally able to take down the drug gangs leading to arrests of 35 people. More details after the jump.

Thirty-five defendants were arrested Wednesday and were arraigned all day Thursday that added up to a total of 119 counts of conspiracy and criminal drug sales. According to police the East Coast-based Trinitario gang sold as much as $15,000 in crack and heroin each day on the same block as elementary school’s PS 115 and Kipp Star causing children and their families to have to witness drugs deals daily. The drug presence was so bad that the school stopped allowing children to use the 177th street entrance of the school.

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance said in his statement, “If that doesn’t upset you, [for drug deals] to be happening by a public grade school in Washington Heights, I don’t know what will.” Police Commissioner William Bratton added, “The efforts to stop the trafficking benefits not only the neighborhood as a whole but the lives of the children in close proximity.”

The second group drug ring they took down named “Garcia Gang,” was ran by an aunt and nephew.Their operation ran out of an apartment on Saint Nicholas Avenue between 178th and 179th Streets. The pair were able to make more than $75,000 within six months with their phone delivery service. Roberto and Nancy Garcia are both facing kingpin charges and face 15 years to life in prison.

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Source CBS NY