(Video) 14 Year Old Boy Shot Dead In The Bronx


A 14 year old boy was shot dead this morning on the 1100 block of Sheridan Avenue in the Bronx. Police are still investigating. More details after the jump.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Oh Sh*t! Rihanna Isn’t Wearing Pants


Fellas, check out Rihanna strolling around New York with ONLY a pancho on. Typical Riri behavior and we’re loving it!

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(Photos) Former NY Mayor to Buy NYTimes ?


Reports surfaced back in January of this year, and now there’s a possibility a former NY Mayor wants buy the NYTimes.

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(Video) School Bus Crash Leaves 30 People Injured And Food Store Demolished In Queens, NY


School Bus Crash Leaves 30 People Injured And Food Store Demolished In Queens, NY
It has been reported that at least 30 people were being evaluated for potential injury after a large truck and a school bus were involved in a accident that not only left 30 people injured but destroyed the Front of a food store in Queens. Hop into the post for the photos from the accident and the details! #IFWT!

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(Video) Crime Or Color?: More Than 30 Arrested in NY Food Stamp Fraud

30+ Arrests in NY Food Stamp Fraud

So exactly what color is a “welfare queen?” Stereotypes, stigmas and racial profiling don’t apply to the More Than 30 Arrested in NY Food Stamp Fraud. While some ask “does it matter if you’re black or white?” others point out how, well…nobody’s really talking about this. If the arrests were people of color would this be a different story? Is the way we look at food stamp benefits all wrong to begin with?

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John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Hire Food Trucks In Support Of Hungry NY Protesters!

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

As protests for justice continue to sweep the nation, tonight’s NYC’s based protest has been graced with the awesome support of John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen!

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(Video) NBA: Knicks Carmelo “Made In NY” Sneak Peek Pt. 1


NY Knicks’ star, Carmelo Anthony, provided exclusive insight to his life as a free agent. He reveals, Chicago “had been the number one choice.” However, fans, media and other reasons persuaded his decision to stay in New York, despite showing such strong favor towards the Chicago Bulls originally. Hit the jump for exclusive sneak peek on Melo spilling the beans on how he had been torn in between the two choices!

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(PHOTO/VIDEO) NBA: LeBron’s Mom Boyfriend, Da Real Lambo, Threatening To Fly To NY To Beat Up…

ifwt_lbj mom lambo

Aww man!! We haven’t heard Da Real Lambo’s name in a while, but now that we have — it’s attached to some drama. In case you don’t know who he is — he’s LeBron James’ mom’s boyfriend. Welp, it looks like he’s got some ill feelings towards a NY radio DJ and he’s called him out on Instagram — even threatening to fly from Miami to NY to handle business.
I wonder if LeBron will step in?! LOL, SMH. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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MLB: A-Rod Reveals Interesting Technique On Beating MLB Drug Test!


After admitting to the DEA that he did indeed take performance-enhancing drugs, Rodriguez has announced to the world his technique on PASSING MLB drug tests! The technique, referred to him by his doctor, actually got him negative results once. Hit the jump for more details…

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(Mugshot) MLB: A-Rod Paid Cousin $1 MILLION To Keep Steroids Use A Secret!


The NY Yankees third baseman, better known as Alex Rodriguez, or ‘A-Rod,’ paid his cousin Yuri Sucart for keeping his steroid use confidential. However, Sucart was not satisfied and demanded an ADDITIONAL $5M! SMH, hit the jump for further details on this escalating, crazy confession story…

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