Nah, the NY baseball star isn’t shacked up with two women that consent, Big Sexy got a whole second family across the river and no one knew…kinda. Yup, keep reading…

NY Post broke the story earlier that Colon who just signed a one year $7M deal with The Amazings allegedly has a mistress and two love children residing in Washington Heights while he, wife Rosanna, and their 4 sons live it up in Clifton NJ. The love children are said to be 7 and 8, another son and a daughter.

The case was originally hush hush as “anonymous vs anonymous” a year ago when Alexandra Santos filed for child support. For some strange reason, Colon ended up representing himself for a brief stint making his unique name the “attorney” in the custody suit. SMH. Saved some pennies. Cover blown.

As it turns, Mrs. Big Sexy knew about the kids for a while…at least that’s what she told reporters who showed up for comments (en Espanol)…interesting. At least Bartolo filed for a trademark on “Big Sexy”, he might need the extra t-shirt money.

I wonder if Santos would have filed papers if Colon had taken care of his children financially…I also wonder what this is going to do to the 42 year old pitcher’s image…how about that fan that got the tattoo…he mad? LOL

I also wonder if this will affect his opener tonight against the Nationals. Tune in, let’s see.