Jihadi John of ISIS Revealed
A New York teen has been charged with supporting Isis. He will be trailed as an adult although he was only 17-years-old when he was charged. Sadly, he’s not the only person in New York supporting these terrorist.

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According to Reuters, the young man is only one of many New York and New Jersey supporters of Isis. These men have also been taking into custody and have a pending investigation upon them. The boy is now 18 years of age. He befriended a boy by the name of Munther Omar Saleh. They both proposed a plan on how they will aid Isis. They agreed to set off a bomb in the New York Metropolitan area.

The boys were followed by agents who were I’m a surveillance car. The boys got out of the car and actually tried to run at the agents. U.S. District Judge Margo Brodie released a statement saying,

“Although their ultimate goals were never accomplished, this fact does not undermine the serious nature of their alleged conspiracy.”

Their lawyers refused to comment. We have also learned that two other men have been arrested in New Jersey. They admitted to having a plan to go help the Islamic state.