(Photos) Lawyer Of Alleged Victim Claiming ‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Raped Him Puts Out Throwback Pic Of His Client


Bryan Singer, the director of the “X-Men” movies, is being accused of drugging and sexually abusing a 17-year-old back in 1999. The lawyer of Mike Egan, the alleged victim, released a picture of the victim around the time he went to Hawaii with Singer to prove that he looked underage. Singer allegedly anally raped Egan multiple times. However, Egan also states that he had a run-in with Singer at a gay pool party in Encino, CA back when he was around 14 or 15. Keep it mind, Egan is also saying he’s heterosexual. Singer’s attorney made a statement saying none of these things happened and are “utterly false.” Check out the flick of the alleged victim when he was younger below in the gallery.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Co-Worker Claiming Shaq Attacked Him Shares X-Rays To Show How Bad He Was Hurt


Sorry, but I’m still on Shaq’s side with this.  He was playing around — injuries happen — happens to kids all the time.
Yesterday we learned that Shaq is under investigation for allegedly attacking a co-worker at TNT.  Well now the man is saying his injuries to his neck and spine were so bad that he needed major surgery to repair the damage. He’s now sharing the X-rays to show just how bad it was.  Check it out…

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(Video) Smh! This Man Attacks The Hospital Staff With A Wood Chopper!


A 68 year-old man entered the Fifth People’s Hospital of Shanghai, in China’s Shanghai city and went ham! The attacker surname Zhang, broke into the surgery department on the second floor and struck a surgeon in the head and hands with a wood chopper. Then he attacked two nurses and a security guard on his way out. Police caught him immediately after the incident. To see video coverage, click below.

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(Photos) Nothing Sweet About It! PinkBerry Co Founder Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison??


Hmmm…., and here we thought sweet treats made people happy. Shrugs. Well, not in the case of Young Lee, 49 year old Co Founder of yogurt chain, Pink Berry founded in 2005. Lee sentenced on Friday is going to jail for quite some time…

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Soccer: Former Manchester United Star Arrested

IFWT_Eric Cantona 2

Former Manchester United hero Eric Cantona was arrested in London yesterday after cops say he attacked a man at lunch.
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Boxing: Uh-Oh! Floyd Mayweather Accused of Orchestrating BRUTAL Attack on 2 Employees; Injuries Are Bad!

Mayweather v Marquez News Conference

Yikes! Floyd Mayweather is one man I wouldn’t mess with.  Mayweather is accused of orchestrating a savage attack on two of his employees he suspected of stealing his jewelry.  They were hired to work on his Vegas home when some jewelry went missing — and they got BEAT DOWN.
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28 Killed After Chinese Knife Attack!


10 Chinese men, strapped with knives, caused chaos this Saturday in a train station located in Southwestern China; leaving dozens dead and hundreds injured!

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NFL: Aaron Hernandez Attacks Inmate In Jail!


Welp, this is why Aaron Hernandez had been in solitary confinement.  There was concern that he would be a target behind bars due to his celebrity status.  Hernandez attacked another inmate at Bristol County Jail earlier today & apparently he beat the guy up pretty good.
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(Video) Suge Knight Explains What REALLY Went Down In The Pot Dispensary

Suge Knight

Reports have been flying that Suge Knight allegedly attacked the owner of a weed dispensary in Los Angeles. Being that the whole ordeal was caught on tape, everyone jumped to conclusions without thinking twice. However, the former head honcho of Death Row Records had a few words to clarify what really went down inside the pot shop! Take a look below.

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(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Bear Kills Man During Training

IFWT_Bear Attack

Can we do something, something that can stop animal cruelty and save lives, Leave wild animals the F**k ALONE?!?

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