People are still not letting up with these Anti-Trump protests. The latest one was at Ohio State University. During the gathering, a student of the university violently attacks one of the protestors. The man was speaking on a staircase when he was shoved by the other student.

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The Ohio State University student newspaper states that the protestor, who’s name is Timothy Adams, was standing on the stairs leading to the second floor of the Ohio Union, when he was trucked by another student named Shane Michael Stanton. Adams’ bullhorn and also his glasses shattered upon him hitting the ground. This one violent shove was a domino effect as other violent fights broke out between other bystanders. One person shoved and punched Stanton until police and others broke it up. Once Adams was able to get up, he gave the crowd a quick laugh saying,

“Can I finish my speech now?”

Since then, Stanton has been arrested and placed under indefinite suspension from Ohio State. Adams spoke to the school newspaper saying,

“I think, if anything, tonight shows that we really need to bring people into social movements, bring people into social organizations and to come out for each other and stand up for each other. Ultimately, coming together is the only thing that’s going to stop any kind of violence.”

Gerard Basalla, the Undergraduate Student Government president states,

“The assault that occurred — that’s what it was — in the Union tonight is completely unacceptable. Every person on this campus has the right to feel safe and voice their opinion without fearing harm. We can’t be having this.”

These protests are out of hand. I would advise anyone who is apart to just be careful. It’s one thing to get your point across, but a lot of others may not have the same good intention.

Check out the incident below.

Source: Complex