Vic Mensa has never strayed away when it came down to his political views. He has recently opened up about Donald Trump being elected our next president. Although no one is to thrilled to see it take place, Mensa says “it had to happen.”

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Mensa says,

“This is not the first time in American history where poor people have been led to believe they’re white and have also been led to believe that their problems are the result of Mexicans, Muslims and black people. It’s just a scapegoat technique to keep them confused and keep them from looking at their real enemies, who really propagate their state of disenfranchisement and major corporations like the president-elect. They’re just pawns in a bigger capitalist and imperialist game.”

Mensa states he feels this needed to happen because minorities had a false sense of security with a African American President such as Barack Obama. He says having a first woman president or even just another Democrat period, was just going to be another band-aid on a bleeding nation’s wounds.

“I had to remind myself that this wasn’t my election to win or lose. Then, when I woke up in the morning, I realized that this had to happen because we’ve been pacified by having Barack [Obama] in office. That pacification would have only continued by having Hillary elected.”

He continued on to say,

“We need to unify and decide what it is that we really believe in — that’s what we need to fight for. We can’t just fight against injustice. We gotta fight for justice.”

Mensa’s full interview can be found on Billboard.

Source: Hiphopdx