Oscar De La Hoya has been talking about making a comeback into the boxing ring for a couple months now. One day he is all for it, the next he is saying he can’t do it. Apparently he is still in the undecided stage because the way he is talking about Floyd Mayweather almost sounds like he is trying to bait him into a war of words.


Last week Floyd expressed some interest in fighting De La Hoya in September, but it seemed that interest faded as quickly as it came around. Floyd beat Oscar back in 2007 in a split decision from the judges, but to everyone watching it was evident before the scorecards came into play that Floyd won.

At this point Floyd has nothing to gain by fighting him. It would not do the major numbers as far as money and ticket sales and pay per view that it did back then because everyone knows here in 2015 that Floyd would utterly pick him apart, especially after not fighting for a few years.

Oscar for his part still is talking though, but it won’t get him anywhere.

“Of course [I’m not shocked], because he has no one else to fight. Obviously he needs me more than I need him”. Mayweather has already made it clear he has his sights on other fighters. “If you think about it, it’s obviously the easy way out. He want’s the easy way out as usual”.