The sexy duo does it again! Amber Rose & Blac Chyna make their debut on the red carpet with a message this year. Both dressed in matching white outfits the sex symbols admit they came as eachothers date to support Gay rights. What a cute way to show love !

Helping Terrance J host the Red Carpet and Pre show is LaLa Anthony. Lala asked the Amber & Blac chyna who they were excited to see tonight. Like everyone else Amber responded “Janet Jackson” Blac Chyna on the other hand seemed really distant and shrugged her shoulders. “I’m excited for everyone” , she responded.

Amber took over the interview and was the one who let the world know they were there to make a statement. With the passing of Gay Marriage in all 50 states and today marking the annual Gay Pride Parade it was only right. Sorry MGK , Amber has a date for the night.

The Dutchess