NBA free agency kicked off at 12:00 am this morning and players and teams wasted no time kicking things off.  The New Orleans Pelicans were sure to lock up “the best player in the NBA, not named LeBron James”.

via Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

New Orleans Pelicans All-Star forward Anthony Davis has reached agreement on a maximum five-year contract extension that could be worth in excess of $145 million, a league source told Yahoo Sports.

The contract will have a player option after the fourth year, sources said.

Davis confirmed the news of his extension on Twitter.

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The high number on the extension is tied to the 2016-17 salary cap, which is expected to be as much as $30 million higher than it is this year.

For both sides, this deal was a complete no-brainer. Davis got a ton of guaranteed money, and the Pelicans locked up the biggest rising star in the NBA (and likely future MVP) through age 29.

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Source: ProBasketballTalk