One could only assume the obvious when it comes to Safaree aka SB and his rants on Twitter. Last week, Safaree found himself in headlines when he tweeted out that he was mysteriously banned from the BET Awards red carpet and many pointed the finger at Nicki and Meek. Today, Safaree announced that it is his birthday weekend and someone–unnamed–is attempting to ruin it! Check the gallery to see his tweets!


Not point fingers, yet, but in the past when Safaree has gotten on Twitter to rant about something or someone, it was usually what he describes as a bitter ex. Earlier this week, Meek was seen on ‘Sway In The Morning’ and he addressed the question about him and Nicki having Safaree banned from the show. Meek insists that was not the case and “that would be like calling the cops.” He even took a slight jab at Safaree basically saying, why would he even be there? LOL

You may recall last week, when Safaree tweeted out some Nicki lyrics and told people not to come at him because he wrote them and this was following his ban from the awards. LOL! Today, in a tweet he pretty much says, the only way to respond to this person is to blast them on Twitter because that is the only way they pay attention! LOL!

At this point, it is pretty much undeniable that he is coming at Nicki, again. This whole triangle between Meek, Nicki, and Safaree is just getting more and more weird. We see Meek lurking on Safaree’s page, Safaree continuing to blast Nicki in public as a way to ask her to stay away, and more recently, Nicki’s message at the BET Awards for someone not to be mad their career isn’t where they would like it.

I thought this would go on for a little while after their [Safaree & Nicki] situation was over, but its something new every week. I guess after such a long relationship, these two can’t help but to continue to go at it. Sidenote: If I were Meek, I think I would be a little concerned that the ex still holds so much power over my new girl. LOL