I definitely didn’t see this one coming. Apparently, there are some rules in place that Floyd Mayweather was to comply with and unfortunately, it does not seem that he followed those rules. The WBO may now strip Floyd of his title.


More money, more problems? It sure seems to be that way for Floyd Mayweather. You may remember when #IFWT reported that Floyd was to give up all of his title belts; however, it seems those were conditions from the WBO.

Initially, reports (and video of Floyd) made it seem as though Floyd was vacating his titles as a gesture to let younger fighters compete for them. Now, it is clear that the WBO had certain conditions for Floyd in order for him to retain the WBO title belt. This would not be the first time that Floyd has held on to belts that he was “supposed to vacate” and in turn, he has also payed some heavy sanctions for keeping the title belts as well.

For Floyd’s next scheduled fight, he is offering one of his Welter Weight titles to the winner of Errol Spence Jr V.S an undecided fighter who will fight on the under card before the main event. Looking back, though, it does seem like the WBO was asking for a lot of Floyd to vacate all of those title belts; but, I would like to know why Floyd agreed to those terms, especially since belts seem to mean a lot to him. He has museum show case of his belts at his house.

Source: Boxing News