Michael Sam has been having trouble making friends these days because nobody seems to like the guy. There were numerous reports of guys in the NFL not liking him and it had nothing to do with his sexual preference. Now we hear that his teammates in the CFL also are feeling the same way.


Michael Sam’s Montreal Alouettes teammates are sick and tired of the drama surrounding the defensive end … with one player telling TMZ Sports, “He’s not my favorite teammate right now.”

Multiple sources tell us … the players are viewing Sam as a “distraction” — but nobody wants to say it out loud because they’re afraid of a possible public backlash for criticizing him.

But inside the Alouttes organization … frustration is building — especially with Sam recently leaving the team for 2 weeks on mysterious personal business.

We’re told by multiple sources that people WANT to like Sam — and really do want to see him succeed — but feel he’s still not 100% focused on football.

“He needs to leave his personal life off the field and just play football like he really wants it,” one player tells us.

“Hopefully he can turn it around and commit to the game because he really does have potential.”

The story seems to be repeating itself for Sam. Ever since he publicly announced he was gay, his commitment to the game of football has not seemed strong. There are obvious reasons for that but when you take the field with your teammates they need to know you’re focused and not letting your personal life take over. He didn’t want the fact he is gay to take over as the headline of his life, but he has done everything he can to make sure it does. Makes you wonder what his priorities are.