(Video) NBA: Kobe Has NO Chill! Rips Teammates In Practice, Curses Out Team & GM!


You gotta love Kobe, you just have to! He will NEVER bite his tongue for anyone, doesn’t matter who it is! The Lakers season is already a joke this year, and Kobe knows his time is limited to actually be part of a winning team. Combine that with a ugly practice from his teammates and it set Kobe off! He stormed out of practice but made sure to curse out basically the entire team and GM Mitch Kupchak as he walked off saying ” These MF’s ain’t doing s*** for me”, amongst other things. Teammates said after the fact they weren’t mad at him and they kinda looked at it as he is trying to light a fire under them. I guess that could be part of it, but Kobe probably does have a part of him that can’t stand his teammates and the team he is on. I think he has earned the right to air his frustrations!

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(Photos) NFL: WOW! Demarco Murray’s Ex-Teammate Leaks More Texts Between Him & Cheating Wife


Brennan Clay is not taking his wife cheating on him with his former friend DeMarco Murray lying down. In case you missed it, last week Clay, who played college football at Oklahoma with Murray, found out his wife of only 4 months was cheating on him with DeMarco. Clay is going on a smear campaign via social media which I think most people would do in his situation. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Mario Chalmers Says WHAT About Lebron & Kyrie Irving??


Mario Chalmers has done more talking about Lebron James in the past couple months than he did as his teammate for four years. He obviously feels a certain type of way towards Bron because that is the only thing that could explain his chatter this off season. With Lebron gone from Miami and on to Cleveland, he will finally be paired with an elite caliber point guard in Kyrie Irving. Not so fast says Chalmers because he thinks the way Lebron treats him is going to eventually affect Kyrie.

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NBA: Dwyane Wade Happy Lebron Is Gone? Says Past Few Years Have Not Been Fun!


Was all the smile and laughs of the entire Lebron era in Miami a front? Not quite, but according to D-Wade in a recent interview, it definitely was not as happy as it seemed. He loves Lebron as a brother and their personal relationship is great, but it does sound like Wade wasn’t as happy as he would make the media believe during Bron’s tenure in South Beach. A few different things led to those feelings and Wade was very open about it. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Drew Brees Has War Of Words With Former Saints Teammate, Drops Lawsuit Against Him


Drew Brees is giving up today on a lawsuit against one of his former teammates, Kevin Houser. The two were teammates on the Saints before Houser became a licensed security broker and left the team. The two had become friends and Houser convinced Brees to make an investment into a fake company according to Brees.

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NBA: Say What?? Steve Nash Uses Some Very Un-Friendly Words To Describe Kobe Bryant


If you follow basketball throughout the years, you already know Kobe is not one of the more friendly guys around the NBA. He can come off as very cold, especially to his own teammates. As his career winds down, a documentary is being made on Kobe and as part of that doc, opponents and teammates are being asked to describe Kobe in just a few words. Steve Nash obviously had no chill when it came to this and spoke his mind freely. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Speaks The Truth About What Happened With Dwight Howard & Kobe


Everyone knows Dwight Howard & Kobe Bryant never really got along as teammates on the Lakers. There has been rumors to things that may or may not of happened but Dwight & Kobe themselves never really gave specifics on their relationship. Fans and media have gathered enough info on their own but there is nothing that compares to hearing it from someone directly involved. Phil Jackson knows exactly what happened including the details on the private meeting that occurred prior to Dwight choosing to sign with Houston.

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NBA: Former Teammate Of Lebron Says Story About Him Trashing Bron’ Is Fake!


When Lebron left Cleveland in 2010 he hurt alot of feelings, including those of his Cavs teammates. One of those teammates in particular, Mo Williams, seemed to take it especially hard at the time. There were rumors of an awkward encounter between the two at an airport and then some suspect tweets from Williams. Nonetheless he eventually seemed to get over it and move on with his own career. A report has surfaced this week that claims to be from Williams himself where he is airing out some personal talks he and Bron had together and basically throwing Bron under the bus in a sneak diss type of way. But is it real? Williams says hell no! Hit the jump.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Russell Westbrook Is Hooking Up All of His Teammates Up With A Special Gift


What a guy that Russell Westbrook! Lol. Westbrook is dropping a brand new underwear line on Father’s Day and as a special gift, he’s hooking all of his teammates up with a pair.
Check out what they look like …

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(Video) NBA: Former Teammate Of Kobe Bryant Said He Told Him He Wasn’t Allowed To Talk To Him


Poor Smush Parker, he was basically the step child nobody wanted on the Lakers. The former guard who was with the Lakers from 2005-2007, didn’t leave much of a mark on the league and left even more to be desired in the eyes of Kobe Bryant. Parker said Kobe very seriously told him he is not allowed to talk to him until he had more accolades under his belt! I have heard this story before but it is still funny. Kobe has been mentioned as a not so great teammate but many former members of the Lakers, but Kobe is gonna be who he is. Bryant was never really fond of Parker to begin with saying, “Smush Parker was the worst,” Bryant said before an exhibition in 2012, via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times. “He shouldn’t have been in the NBA, but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. We let him walk on.” Check out what Smush is saying about it now.

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