(PHOTO) NBA: Teammates Leave Out Kendrick Perkins Again & He’s NOT Happy; Responds With Meme & KD Comments!


Back in January, Kendrick Perkins got upset after some teammates got together and he was left out.  Welp, it just happened again.  He’s making a point, but at least it seems like he has a sense of humor about it.  Check out what Perkins posted up after his teammates took a group pic without him again (Hasheem & KD even responds to his post)…

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Niiice! Check Out What Richard Sherman Gave To All of His Teammates!


It’s looking like Richard Sherman’s Beats deal is paying off not only for himself, but for his teammates as well!  He got all of his teammates a pair of custom Beats by Dre that are diamond encrusted!  I wonder how much these bad boys cost?!
Check it out…

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NFL: Dolphins Teammates Come to Richie Incognito’s Defense

Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin

A lot of press surrounding the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin drama has been negative, well now we’re hearing from teammates that are defending Richie.  Check out what they had to say about the situation & weigh in…

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NBA: Gerald Wallace Calls Out His Teammates!

IFWT_Gerald Wallace 2

Gerald Wallace is once again calling out his Celtics teammates.  He did it last week after a loss to the 76ers and now he’s back at it after a loss to the Timberwolves (which dropped the Celtics to 1-6 in the preseason) — this time with stronger words.
Check out what he had to say…

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NBA: Damn! Which Lakers Teammate Said He “Always Hated Kobe”


Oh, another NBA player said they hate Kobe? Join the club. The Difference is those type of words usually do not come from your own teammate. Then again, Kobe does seem like a real a** to play alongside with. A former opponent, now turned teammate spoke his honest opinion when he was asked about Kobe. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Brandon Jennings & Former Teammate Throw Jabs At Each Other


It is always easier to diss someone once you no longer have to deal with them. That is exactly what is going on here. Recently, Brandon Jennings, who is now a member of the Detroit Pistons, mentioned he can’t wait to get started because he will be playing with some good big men. Not sure if he meant that as a diss to his old teammates or just a compliment to his new ones, but either way, his former Bucks teammate Larry Sanders took offense. He responded by saying Jennings needed to ball hog to do anything. Well the back and forth continues with another response from Jennings. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Wow, Details of Monday’s Intervention Attempt For Lamar Odom Revealed


An intervention attempt was made yesterday to help Lamar Odom, but according to sources he rejected it.  This has really turned into a scary situation & we really hope he gets the help that he needs.
Details of the intervention after the jump…

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NFL: Antonio Cromartie Under Fire After Laying Out Teammate During Practice


So much for Antonio Cromartie changing his ways.  He’s now getting physical with his own team.  At Jets camp on Wednesday he flattened WR Stephen Hill during practice.  Check out the report after the jump & I’d love to hear from Jets fans on what they think?!  Is it dangerous OR do you like his enthusiasm?!

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NBA: Oh Really?! Chris Paul & Dwight Howard Trying To Play Together Next Season?!


Someone’s snitching! Lol, how do reporters find these kinds of things out?!  Next we’re going to see screenshots of the texts.  Apparently Dwight Howard and Chris Paul have been texting each other a lot lately and want to form the next superteam.  Report after the jump…

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NFL: Report..NFL To Start Doing A Draft For Pro Bowl??


Everyone is in agreement about the NFL Pro Bowl, it usually sucks! Players work hard all season to be recognized as an NFL all-star, only to have the pro bowl itself be the worst all-star game of all major sports. I mean there is good reason though. Why would a player who makes millions off football each year want to go out and give his all in a game that doesn’t even count. Players worry about being injured in a game like that, and that is a legitimate concern. Players go more for the free trip to Hawaii than the actual game itself. You can usually even see players are only running at half speed. The commissioner last season actually threatened to cancel the Pro Bowl going forward if the effort didn’t become better. Well a new idea may pump some life back into the game. Read more about it after the jump.

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