Whoopi Goldberg has been standing by her friend Bill Cosby even in the midst of numerous reports of rape and sexual assault that circle around him. Yesterday on The View she addressed the critics of her choice to defend Cosby and opened up about the threats she has been receiving.

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Countless women have come forward and accused comedian and actor Bill Cosby of drugging and then sexually assaulting them. Throughout the accusations Cosby has denied doing anything wrong and has yet to be charged with a crime. This seems to be enough for fellow comedian and day time talk show host Whoopi Goldberg to stand by his side.

Yesterday, Goldberg said on The View that she will continue to stand by her friend until he is charged with a crime, even though she is receiving threats for her position. She said, “People have been coming after me and saying they’re going to snatch my family,” she added “It’s like being Frankenstein, people coming after you with the fire and they’re going to burn you.”

She said that like ever other person in America, Cosby has the right to remain innocent until proven guilty. Despite the court documents that were unsealed this week revealing that he has drugged a woman for sex in the past. She said,

“Not any of you threatening me or telling me you’re coming after me because you don’t like what I said is going to change the fact that no one has convicted him, he has not been arrested. The bottom line is, that’s the law, innocent until proven guilty.”

To back up her stance she compared Cosby’s situation to the 2006 case against the Duke lacrosse team, where they were falsely accused of rape. She said, “If you are the mother of a son, you want to keep innocent until proven guilty.” The audience of the show seemed to agree with her as she made these comparisons and greeted her speech with applause.

In her continued defense of her stance she added, “No one here thinks rape is good. No one here thinks rapists are fun, so, don’t come after me like that, ’cause I’m sick of this bull.” She added, “Here’s the bottom line, for me: It’s my opinion. And the American courts agree with me, because still he has not been taken to jail or trial on anything. So, back off me!”

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