_Two More Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Sexually Assaulting Them!

In light of the recent court deposition that was released showing that Bill Cosby admitted to acquiring quaaludes for women he wanted to sleep with back in 2005, some other ‘evidence’ has resurfaced. In an interview with Larry King, Cosby seemed to be alluding to very thing that has become his downfall.


I guess its true what they say about what happens in the dark, usually comes to the light. #IFWT, reported about Bill Cosby’s deposition from a 2005 settlement where he admitted to acquiring quaaludes for women that he wanted to sleep with but did he already admit this way before that 2005 deposition?

In what has a completely different tone now that the allegations against Cosby seem to be true, a ‘joke’ about drugging women and having sex with them now makes me question whether or not people truly cared about what was going on in the first place. On countless occasions, various people throughout Hollywood have hinted at it not being such a secret that Bill Cosby liked to drug women and after this interview with Larry King, it is not too hard to believe them.

Bill Cosby On Larry King…

Although Bill’s court deposition is what matters legally, how did this video of his Larry King interview slip through the cracks with the more recent allegations against him? It is unfortunate that the claims against him seem to be true and as a result, his legacy is definitely diminishing by the day.