(Video) Bob Saget Calls Bill Cosby Allegations “Despicable”

Bob Saget, who we know as “Danny Tanner,” the father from full house, has alot to say about the allegations being thrown on his former mentor Bill Cosby. Sage says that the allegations are “despicable.” Guess Cosby doesn’t really have anyone standing behind him. Well I mean who would after over 50 woman have came forward saying they were sexually assaulted by him.

(Photo) 2 More Woman Have Come Forward With Allegations Against Bill Cosby

Really Bill? Just when we thought it was almost over. Two more woman have come forward claiming that Bill Cosby raped and drugged them.

(Video) Was Bill Cosby Joking With Larry King About Drugging Women?

In light of the recent court deposition that was released showing that Bill Cosby admitted to acquiring quaaludes for women he wanted to sleep with back in 2005, some other ‘evidence’ has resurfaced. In an interview with Larry King, Cosby seemed to be alluding to very thing that has become his downfall.

(Photos) Bill Cosby Admitted To Drugging A Woman!

UPDATE: In an official statement to ABC, Cosby’s representatives open up about the 2005 case.

“The only reason Mr. Cosby settled was because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put all those women on the stand and his family had no clue. That would have been very hurtful.”

Is it not embarrassing now? Oh, okay. Lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents several of the women who have accused Cosby, said about time. “This admission is one that Mr. Cosby has attempted to hide from the public for many years and we are very gratified that it is now being made public.” JaaiR (JR): Twitter | Instagram ORIGINAL: I definitely did not see this one coming. After months and months of allegations and new women coming out of the woodworks accusing the comedian of drugging and raping them, documents show that Cosby actually already admitted to this.

Phylicia Rashad Says “No Sitcom Out Compares To The Cosby Show”

Phylicia Rashad sat down recently with the Huffington Post and when asked about sitcoms she had no problem speaking on her dislike with them. She talked about how everything is different is now compare to then from the ways the shows are to what she think causes the difference. Catch what she said and watch the video after the jump.

(Video) Who Is a Better Comedian, Martin Or Bill Cosby? Carl Payne Answers The Question

Carl Payne makes his way over to the couches at Hot 97, and reveals a lot of information that most of us maybe didn’t know. Out and about to promote his new role as LA Reid for CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Carl Payne a.k.a Cole Brown gets asked who was a better comedian, “Cosby or Martin?” Who do you think he picked? We also get the 411 on where he started, what he’s been up to, the acting industry and where he’s going from here. Hot interview. Hit the jump and check it out.

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