It looks like New Jersey’s own Fetty Wap might have gotten himself into some trouble with the law.

The “Trap Queen” superstar has been named as a person of interest for an assault case involving a store clerk at a ShopRite grocery store in Paramus, New Jersey. According to the victim who was allegedly assaulted, he said the situation began when a group of people walked in and one of the girls felt “offended” and slapped the store clerk, leading to a big attack.

Update, footage of the incident has been released;

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The ShopRite employee says he thinks one of the attackers looked like Fetty but he isn’t 100% sure. (How one can only “think” it’s Fetty when he only has one eye and crazy blonde dread extensions is COMPLETELY beyond me and sounds like a pile of BS but that’s just my opinion.)

According to Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg, the cops aren’t really buying the victim’s story. “”Maybe it looks like him. We can’t go by, uh, it looks like him. We need more evidence than that.”

The alleged assault is still being investigated.

Source: Vlad