After Alabama coach Nick Saban complained that some of his players look ahead to the NFL draft instead of focusing on finishing their college careers, one of Saban’s former players lashed out.

Plaxico Burress, who played for Saban at Michigan State, says that Saban is a liar who puts his own interests ahead of the interests of his players — and Burress thinks it’s only fair that Alabama players should put their needs first, too.

Saban quit Michigan State at the end of Burress’s final season there, jumping ship to coach LSU and not staying to coach Michigan State’s bowl game. Burress says that just before Saban left, he promised his players he wasn’t leaving.

Burress also suggested that Saban misled him about his pro prospects, apparently to get him to stay focused on playing in college instead of focusing on the NFL draft.

Burress received a lot of backlash on Twitter for his tweets but stood by his statements and said it was a true story.

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