LMAO! This was almost hard to watch, but it was most definitely funny.

Complex [TV] called on the You Can’t Stop Destiny rapper Papoose to prank four young aspiring rappers. After hitting up the studio with intentions of working on a collaboration with Papoose, Doc Nice, S-Class, Big Tyni and Lord Kas got a rude awakening. Pap not only CAME at them with a few bars, but when they decided to COME back with a few jabs of their own, Pap demanded an apology that the four boys were just not willing to give.

Check out the fun down bottom.

JaaiR (JR)
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Watch the imaginary beef down below.

Thought you was hot/but I left ya body cold/live on Complex/you just got trolled …

My money is on Big Tyni and S-Class. Lol. Tyni said with his chest, “I’m gon’ be something!” You go boy! S was not tying to say I’m sorry. Hell, we all can clap.