(Video) ‘Ring’ Prank Completely Scared Customers Shopping For TV’s

Paramount will surely be bringing their new movie “Rings” to theater. The ghost in the movie, Samara, who was played by stunt woman, Bonnie Morgan, took customers at a local store for a loop when they decided to have Morgan get into character and crawl out of a TV. Let me just tell you these customers were scared to death. Im not really a scary movie person so I already know if I was there, I would have been in tears. To watch the reactions were pretty funny though!

(Video) Seth Rogen Does a “Sausage Party” Grocery Store Prank

Check out Seth Rogen pull off the ultimate prank at a grocery store in New York for promotion of his latest upcoming movie “Sausage Party”.

(Video) LMAO! Fat Joe Pranks DJ Khaled Over His Fear Of Flying

It’s very well documented that DJ Khaled has not gotten on a plane in over eight years, due to a deeply-rooted fear of flying. Anywhere he’s ever needed to be, a trusty tour bus has gotten him there. Just in time for April Fool’s Day, Khaled’s good friend Fat Joe decided to pull a prank on him while visiting The Cruz Show on Power 106 in LA, trying to see if he could convince him to finally hop on a flight. The result? It was a no-go, but the journey to the final “no” was quite hilarious. Khaled is great, man. Check out the funny clip below.

(Video) HILARIOUS: Rapper Kyle Trolls 2,000 People With Fake Future At Concert

This might possibly be the greatest thing I will have seen all week – and it’s only Monday. While performing in Austin recently, rapper Kyle trolled a crowd of over 2,000 people with a fake Future, and the result was HILARIOUS. They really killed it, though! According to Kyle’s affiliate Brick, “his lean cup was like a oversized 36 ounce styrofoam horchata double cup from a mexican restaraunt.” LMAO! Check out the clip below.

(Video) Sick Jokesters Play ISIS Prank On NYC R Train Passengers, Clearing Out The Entire Train

Authorities are looking for two males who played a frightening ISIS highjacking prank on a NYC subway that sent passengers fleeing from the train, completely clearing it out.

(Photo) Teen Arrested After Posting School Shooting “Prank” On Snapchat

Most teens do not realize the power of social media these days. An Arizona teen got a wake up call this week after posting a snapchat that landed him in handcuffs. The snapchat featured a crowded hallway of Sierra Linda High School with the caption “planning the school shooting.” This news comes shortly after another teen was arrested this week for posting lyrics to an Eminem song that reference the 1999 Columbine shooting on his Instagram page. Read more details below.

(Video) Must Watch: Papoose Rips 4 Aspiring Rappers To Shreds On A Track: But What Happens When They Clap Back

LMAO! This was almost hard to watch, but it was most definitely funny. Complex [TV] called on the You Can’t Stop Destiny rapper Papoose to prank four young aspiring rappers. After hitting up the studio with intentions of working on a collaboration with Papoose, Doc Nice, S-Class, Big Tyni and Lord Kas got a rude awakening. Pap not only CAME at them with a few bars, but when they decided to COME back with a few jabs of their own, Pap demanded an apology that the four boys were just not willing to give. Check out the fun down bottom.

(Video) Paris Hilton Victim of Terrifying Plane Crash Prank

Paris Hilton was the latest victim of an Egyptian prank TV show called “Ramez in Control” hosted by Ramez Galal. During this episode Galal convinces Paris that the plane they are on is crashing. Even by today’s standard when almost anything goes, it’s a pretty sick joke. Paris was terrified and totally pissed off when she finds out it wasn’t real. Check out the footage after the jump.

(Video) LMAO, Got ‘Em! Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel For April Fool’s Day!

On April Fool’s Day, it’s very difficult to stay prank-free and to not fall into people’s silly traps but according to this video clip, even funny guy Jimmy Kimmel isn’t safe from the shenanigans. Rihanna played the ultimate prank on the late-night talk show host while he was sleeping, and she did an absolutely AMAZING job. See what kind of mischievous prank RiRi pulled on Jimmy Kimmel below! I would be furious….. until I realized who was doing the prank of course. I’m sure he couldn’t have been mad for TOO long. I mean come on, it IS Rihanna.

(Video) Is You Wit The Sh*ts Or Nah?! Ty Dolla $ign Pranks His Manager To See How “Down” He Really Is!

Earlier this week, Ty Dolla $ign stopped by The Cruz Show on Power 106 in L.A. to promote his new single, and played a rendition of the show’s popular segment, “R U Down?” Much like Hot 97‘s “Ride or Die,” the premise is simple – call up your homie with an outlandish (and fake) dilemma, and see just how down they are for you. Ty opted to call his manager Will, and attempted to convince him to lend him $20k to pay off a one-night stand that had gotten pregnant and was threatening to go to the press. Find out what happened below.

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