I know as a kid, it was funny to go around giving one of your friends a wedgie, but who knew that could be deadly?
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35 year old Brad Davis pleaded guilty to manslaughter as a deal with prosecutors in May after his step father, Denver Lee St. Clair, was found dead at his house in December of 2013.

During a fight between the two men, Davis pulled his stepfather’s underwear over his head and the band ended up getting wrapped around his neck which strangled him to death. As a result of this incident, on Thursday Davis was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Davis’ attorney stated “He did not intend to kill St. Clair, who had bullied him throughout his life and had instigated the fight by insulting his mom.”

The prosecutors at first, charged Davis with 1st degree murder because they claimed he beat the step dad with an object and then staged the whole scene to make it seem like they had a fight. As time went on, the two were able to agree that it was defense but they could not agree on the sentencing.

Pottawatomie County District Judge John G. Canavan Jr. also agreed with the prosecutors’ to reject the defense’s plea for Davis to only receive 4 years. What messed him up was that the judge found it so disturbing that while St. Clair was unconscious and clearly in distress, that Davis took pictures of him with his cellphone.

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