(Video) NCAA: Footage Released Of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon Punching A Woman In The Face

photo credit The Oklahoma Sooners are getting ready for the Sugar Bowl in a couple weeks but star running back, Joe Mixon, is going to have plenty of distractions. That’s because footage of Mixon punching and knocking a woman unconscious was just released today and it’s brutal.

(Video) Oklahoma Correction Officers Strangle A Handcuffed Inmate To Death, No Criminal Charges Have Been Filed

Footage has been released of Oklahoma correct officers strangling a inmate who was already handcuffed to death. As of right now, no criminal charges have been filed.

(18+ Graphic Video) Cops Shoot And Kill A Man After He Tried To Grab An Officers Gun

An Oklahoma man was shot and killed after he tried to grab a cops gun while on a metro bus. Miguel Angel Chavez-Angles ran on the bus after allegedly fleeing a vandalism scene.

Oklahoma Passes A Bill To Make Abortion A Felony

The Oklahoma legislature has passed a bill that would make getting an abortion a felony, excluding rape and incest. The bill now goes on for approval, to anti-abortion republican Governor Mary Fallin.

Oklahoma Cop Convicted Of Rape’s File Turns Up Missing From DOC Website

Daniel Hoytzclaw was convicted last year of raping eight black woman. Hoytzclaw was seen getting pretty emotional in court as he was listening to his sentence. Afterwards, he filed for another trial. We now learned something really weird has come up. Hoytzclaw’s file has turned up missing from the Oklahoma DOC’s online log.

(Video) Ex Oklahoma Cop Cries Hysterically In Court After Being Convicted Of Rape

Former police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, saw his day in court on his 29th birthday on Thursday when he was convicted on 18 counts of rape, spanning a 6 month period. Hit the jump to watch the full conviction and the convicted rapist’s reaction.

Man Who Killed His Stepdad With ‘Atomic Wedgie’ Is Sentenced to 30 Years In Prison

I know as a kid, it was funny to go around giving one of your friends a wedgie, but who knew that could be deadly? Read more after the jump…

(Photo) Oklahoma High Court Rules Ten Commandments Must Be Removed!

After a week of controversial Supreme Court rulings in the United States, a high court in Oklahoma makes a controversial ruling as well. The court called for the removal of a statue on its capitol that depicts the Ten Commandments of the bible.

State Of Emergency Declared In Oklahoma

As the weather gets worse, several counties in Oklahoma have chosen to declare a state of emergency. Read more about this state of emergency after the jump.

(Video) Kentucky Fried Chicken Airs Porn In Restaurant

During a family meal over at Kentucky Fried Chicken , this family didn’t exactly get what they expected. Hop into the post to see Kentucky Fried Chicken Air Porn in Restaurant. #IFWT!

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