A$AP Rocky feels like he has a legit career in film ahead of him. After the success of his first feature film Dope, the A.L.L.A. rapper is already thinking about his next major role. Since his confidence is through the roof right now, it’s no surprise that the Harlem lyricist wants to take on one of the most revered roles in Hollywood. Find out why he wants to play the next James Bond after the jump!

A$AP Rocky sat down with Esquire UK and explained how he would make the perfect candidate to play 007 in the upcoming Bond film. Since the current leading man Daniel Craig stated that he won’t be coming back to the international franchise, Rocky said that he would definitely love to step up to the plate.

“I’d like to see me as the next Bond,” Rocky told Esquire UK. “We need a black James Bond. I’d get the job done.”

His first major film Dope has boosted his confidence in his acting skills beyond the average “beginner’s luck.” “I’ll look better than any other Bond that has ever lived,” he said. “All I need is a six-pack.” Rakim Mayers would follow in the footsteps of 007 successors like Daniel Craig, Pierce Bronson, and Sean Connery.

Along with his ambitions in film, Rocky also discussed his publicized sexual escapades, his love for The Devil Wears Prada, and his childhood in Harlem. Read the interview in full here.

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