BET could not have picked a more fitting candidate to give this award to. Tonight, Allen Iverson was awarded with the Game Changer Award!


It has been said over and over again. Allen Iverson is perhaps one of the most influential players to ever come into the league. Aside from his style of play and the fact that he was a 6 foot monster on the court, A.I’s style and swag off the court is also what made him such a prolific figure.

From the braids, to the baggy clothes, to being rebellious in interviews, he was definitely a game changer in the NBA. The ‘Game Changer Award’ was presented to A.I. by Lil Wayne and Chris Paul and he even mentions CP3, among others, in his speech in who he wish he could come back into the league as [at least the toughness that CP3 brings].

A.I. ‘Game Changer Award’

The NBA/Hip Hop merger made a point to give special thanks to Michael Jordan, because without him, he probably would never have even thought about going pro! Despite the reputation that the media has tried to give A.I, you have to commend him for never backing down. One of the key points in his acceptance speech was when he mentioned that people often ask him how he’s doing and he said, “Same fight, different round,” and this was him pointing out that no matter what we go through, we just can’t give up!