This has to be one of the most disturbing things to watch. Texas state trooper, Brian Encinia’s dash cam recorded the excessive force arrest of Sandra Bland.

After Encinia pulled the Chicago woman over for a ‘failure to signal while switching lanes,” things between the pair got heated. Clearly upset that Bland was questioning his motives for the stop, Encinia decided to make a “lawful” arrest that was caught on film, with what many are calling edits made by the police.

During the 52-minute footage, there seemed to be some foul-ups that many are calling an edit, however, Texas authorities are saying that it’s just a matter of a technical glitch. The video skips and repeats itself, periodically.

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According to NBC News, Tom Vinger, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, said that due to the technicality, they are working to fix it.

For this, the tape maybe thrown out, if this case ever sees the light of day.

Watch the clips below.

None of the irregularities in the video appear in the 14 minutes that show Bland’s arrest and the confrontation.

But in one section of the video, a tow truck driver walks toward the trooper’s cruiser, then out of the frame, then reappears and completes the same walk seconds later. In another section, a white car appears, disappears from the frame, then appears again.

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Three days after her arrest [July 13], Bland was found hung from an alleged suicide in a Texas cell. Her death has since raised some eyebrows, and his tape “glitch” only makes it more suspicious. There has since been an investigation started.

The trooper has been placed on administrative leave.