You’re going to think twice when urinating around the streets of San Francisco, California. You better be strategic when there’s a need to pee. Read more to further expand on this topic.

New Urine Resistant Walls In San Francisco Shoots Pee Back !!

San Francisco city crews already have painted nine walls, and there are plenty more walls that will be covered in the superior paint. And, the water repellent is so effective, it sends urine spraying back at the person relieving themselves.

The product by a Florida-based chemical cleanup and waste management company called, Ultra-Ever Dry by Ultra Tech, is described as “super-hydrophobic”.

Signs reading “Hold it! This wall is not a public restroom. Please respect San Francisco and seek relief in an appropriate place,” hang above some of these walls.


Although one will incur a $500 fine, many folks in the city still take chances with public urination. So, this move is an aggressive step to eliminating this problem.

This substance has proven to work in Europe. The paint has been applied in Hamburg’s St. Pauli quarter, where beer drinkers often urinate in public.