Last night [July 26], news broke that 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown had passed away due to circumstances surrounding the Jan. 31st incident. The daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston was found unconscious in a bathtub. Since then, there has been many speculation as to what could have happened to the young girl. While we wait for the autopsy report to be released, the local police as well as the District Attorney are investigating her death as a homicide, and guess who is the number person of interest …

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Since Bobbi first entered into the hospital, family, friends and police have kept a watchful eye on boyfriend, Nick Gordon. Throughout this ordeal, the family has kept Gordon, who is currently on suicide watch, away from Bobbi. They’ve even gone as far as serving Gordon with a $10 million dollar lawsuit for theft and abuse. Alex Reid, a friend close to the couple says that Gordon was regularly abusive.

“I love her. I would never have betrayed her and spoken out before now,” Alex said while fighting back tears. “But as she lies there, I feel there is no one else to speak on her behalf. I feel like I have to be a voice for her now.”

I honestly believe that investigators has something on Gordon that they refuse to release to the media just yet. Someone is going down for this.