Bobbi Kristina has been in serious conditions for a while now.We are devastated to announce that Bobbi Kristina has passed to the other side. Bobbi Kristina is dead at 22.

Bobbi Kristina was the bright soul that was the child of the late legend, Whitney Houston. Bobbi sadly passed in Hospice care. Bobbi has been in hospice care ever since June 24.There was no recovery after Bobbi was released of medication.

Bobbi was surrounded by loved ones when she passed and now is at peace. On, January 31st, Bobbi Kristina was found in a tub. Authorities say that she was underwater for about 5 minutes. The hospital was able to revive her but she continued her life in a medically induced coma.

The family agreed about the decision to take Bobbi of medications. Rest in peace to Bobbi Kristina and is peace along with her mother. Whitney Houston will live through Whitney Houston. Wishing joy and comfort to loved ones. Bobbi Kristina is another legacy. These two gems are gone but will forever live in our hearts. Stay tuned for more updates. Once again, Rest In Peace.