Hopsin Says Calling Police Is Not A “B**ch Thing To Do”. Hop into the post and tell us what you think! #IFWT!

We all know that police brutality is one of the biggest things America has been talking about. Hopsin presents another perspective. The Funk Volume rapper explained that not all cops are bad cops, that’s like saying all black people are threats. Hopsin did add that there is always going to be good and bad people in all walks of life. Despite the stigma of rappers not liking police, Hopsin also pointed out that there has been plenty of times that they have helped him and he added that calling the cops “is not a bitch thing to do.” Often perceived as “Snitching” Hopsin says that in often scenarios calling the police could come in handy.

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He also made a point that racial profiling goes “Both ways”, There are cops that exist that are bad cops who fit the stereotype that the hip hop community puts on them and ones who are actually pretty cool. Just like there are black people who fit a stereotype that the police system puts on them and there are also black people who are nothing like these ignorant criminals they portray them to be. According to The Rapper, It goes both ways.

In the Video , the California native shared a personal experience with getting racially profiled by an officer.

Check out the full Hopsin interview below! #IFWT!

Hopsin Says Calling Police Is Not A “B**ch Thing To Do”: