In the past couple of months we have seen a large amount of imprisoned and murdered minority civilians. Guess what?, Hilary Clinton agrees. Hilary Clinton thinks too many black men are in prison!

Hilary even spoke with Rev. Al Sharpton, said that if she was president she would reform the prison system. The prison system does need ALOT of reforming. Hilary Clinton admits there are biases in the prison system. It’s sad enough that multiple people get killed daily because of skin color.Some people don’t even deserve to be in the prison cell.Many people are imprisoned for crimes they didn’t even commit!

The prison system is being revealed as just another way for minorities to be enslaved and stopped from progressing. Maybe with Hilary in office things will be different. Society has been waiting for a change. Hilary just may be that change. This epidemic needs to stop and Hilary is taking a stand to stop it. Will you be voting for Hilary? What are your thoughts on the prison system? Do you think it’s biased? Do you think a lot of minorities are imprisoned? Do you think the government favors Caucasian males?

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Source: TheShadeRoom