There’s a new man in town and the fellas are NOT feeling it one bit!

Milan Christopher is the newest addition to the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood cast. He’s an openly gay rapper and has an extremely outgoing and somewhat over-bearing personality. The guys who are currently on the show – Mally Mal, Ray J, Omarion & Soulja Boy – are furious at the producers for bringing Christopher on the show.

Sources revealed that the guys refuse to shoot scenes with Christopher and will not show up to club events where he’s present at.

The fellas are insisting they’re not upset because he’s gay, but because he has no real credibility in the rap game, although he wrote for many artists before. They feel like Mona signed him on simply for “circus value.” However according to Milan, he’s convinced the guys are not feelin’ him due to his sexual preference.

Hmmm… this upcoming season should be VERY interesting.

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Source: TMZ