Manolo Rose is making his way up the ladder after the success of “Run Ricky Run.” The Brooklyn native has been busy since he dropped off his new body of work Concrete Rose earlier this summer. Recently, Manolo revealed how he came up with the mixtape title and explained how rappers like 50 Cent and 2Pac influenced his new project. Watch what he had to say after the jump!

Manolo Rose broke down the building blocks of his new mixtape Concrete Rose, which features Vado, Dave East, Keith Ape, Problem, and the late Chinx. The “Run Ricky Run” rapper explained how the title of the project is very personal to him. He said “concrete” represents how solid he is and the “rose” is the culmination of his fun, passionate and shit-talking mentality breaking through the cracks of his firm exterior.

“It’s a ton of energy,” he told Mikey T The Movie Star about the album. “A lot of pain and a lot of passion. It’s a lot of fun and talking shit.”

Rose also spoke on collaborating with We The Best’s Vado and rising Harlem native Dave East on “Stylin’ On You.” After labeling it as a true New York record, the Brooklyn rapper thanked 50 Cent for influencing the track. Manolo also thanked another great MC who influenced the project. He explained how the aura of Tupac Shakur encouraged him during the process of recording the mixtape.

“Pac spoke with great vigor, truth and feeling. that’s what made me want to do the same,” he said.

Concrete Rose is available now. Watch the full interview below.

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