Things are not going well for Terrence Howard right now. The “Empire” star in the heat of a legal battle with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. According to the documents, Howard hasn’t been keeping up with his spousal support obligations, even while banking on the success of FOX’s hip-hop drama. During his most recent court appearance, Howard had to revisit a dark time of their relationship filled with heavy drugs and a lot of porn. Find out the details after the jump!

Terrence Howard admitted that his relationship with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent (formerly Michelle Howard) consisted of a lot of drug use and plenty more extra-marital activities. While under oath, Howard claims he and Ghent would smoke weed and snort coke together as well as ecstasy. Oddly enough, the “Empire” star also said that they used to watch a lot of porn together.

Afterwards, Howard asserted that he has turned his life around since their split. “I refuse to get high, I refuse to watch porn,” he said.

Ghent is suing Howard for neglecting to deliver his $5,800 monthly payment and trying to curve her by claiming his income is less than $6,000/month. Now she’s gunning to collect her paycheck plus interest based off his current earnings from “Empire.” The only reason he agreed to proceed with the settlement is because Ghent pulled the conniving blackmail card and threatened to release nude photos and videos of him. Fortunately, their spousal support agreement ends next year.

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