He’s the RICH Gang leader, however, no one is getting paid. Birdman may soon find himself the focus of another lawsuit if he continues to put off paying folks. Producer DVLP (Develop) sends the Cash Money man a few text messages that lets him know, if he doesn’t pay up, his attorney will be calling Birdman’s attorney.

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According to TMZ, the producer on three of Lil Wayne’s albums – and other artists – is owed $200,000 for his work.

“You sent me a bunch of messages last week about us talking and sending the money you owe, but you never showed up,” DVLP writes. “Man, I don’t understand what you doing, but it seems every week I’m hearing about someone else that’s real solid with you filing a legal action to get it right; that ends up getting bad press.” DVLP continues to say that the #1 Stunna likes to pay for lawsuits rather than just pay the money he owes.

Of course, Birdman isn’t hearing none of it. He replies, “Gettin’ you paid homey; all that other s**t, save it.”

The two go back-and-forth for a short time, but DVLP ends off with seeking legal action. He’s tired of being put off.

Check out the messages between Birdman and DVLP in the gallery at the top.

Birdman owes producer DVLP $200K and a few other people a few hundred thousand; will he pay or take it all the way to court? Let us know what you think down bottom.