Comedian Robin Williams’ took his life just a year ago, and he left his children and widow behind. However, his wife Susan Schneider is saying that she is getting shorthanded when it comes to Williams’ estate.

Schneider filed a complaint saying she is not receiving enough money to pay for her mortgage, insurance and home maintenance for her house that she used to share with the deceased comedian in Tiburon, California. Although she did not mention a specific dollar amount in regards to how much her monthly living expenses are in the legal documents, she does say that whatever she is receiving now is simply “not enough.”

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According to Williams’ kids, they think that the amount of money Susan is receiving is more than enough. When she passes away, they will get whatever is left in Robin’s estate. Although Susan is calling BS on the number she’s receiving, there really is not much she can do about it at this point.

According to her, she has still yet to receive any funds for the house since Robin died because apparently all parties involved have yet to decide on an actual number to give her.

Source: TMZ