IFWT_JPP injured

It has been almost two months since Jason Pierre-Paul’s firework injury and but he seems to finally be coming around. On the 4th of July, JPP lost a finger after a firework exploded in his hand but he says that injury won’t stop him.


For about the last month and a half, reports have been indicating that JPP and the Giants had not made any progress as far as extending JPP’s career in New York. Following his devastating injury, JPP reportedly did not reach out the Giatnts after they made several attempts to meet with him. Maybe he was not ready to face them with thoughts that they would really revoke a chance to extend his career?

Once the giants got word of his injury, a $60 million contract offer that was once on the table was taken back. From a business standpoint it is understandable why that move would be made; however, looking at it from the employee’s perspective, it also makes sense on why he would not want to conference with the front office just yet.

Yesterday, though, JPP seemed to be in good spirits about the entire situation after he took to twitter and made light of his situation. In a tweet, JPP jokes about making a typo and blames it on him losing a finger. More importantly, though, JPP says that the incident that caused him to lose a finger was not a set back and it looks like he does not have plans to stop being an effective piece of the Giants organization.