Chris Brown

It seems that every time Chris Brown does just about ANYTHING, it somehow becomes newsworthy.

The “Loyal” singer recently debuted his new ink he got done of Venus De Milo.. on his head!

He posted the photo (which he later deleted) captioning it, “#onehellofanight #legendarynights #OHB do what you want and if u aint wit the bandwagon u will be soon #KEEPIT 100”

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Aside from it looking extremely painful, Breezy unfortunately did not receive the reaction from fans that he was hoping for.

“It looks ridiculous. I guess when you have money and you don’t have anything else to do you do ridiculous sh*t,” someone said under the photo. “Chris Brown’s gonna regret the tattoo after the cocaine leaves his system,” another tweeted out.

See his new head tat for yourself in the gallery!