So it turns out punching Geno Smith over $600 wasn’t the craziest altercation IK Enemkpali has had.  Enemkpali had to miss his college season opener because he injured his hand punching a man he thought was a woman with whom he had arranged to have sex via the internet.  Yes you read that right.

Enemkpali needed surgery to repair the damage to his hand, but wasn’t going to play in Louisiana Tech’s game against Southern Mississippi anyway because he was suspended for punching an off-duty cop at a bar in Ruston, Louisiana earlier that year.

But yea back to the story… Enemkpali wasn’t charged in the incident, he was the one who actually filed the police report after the man sent text messages demanding $1,000.

The report said the whole thing started when he began exchanging messages with a Facebook friend named “Missy Lee,” who offered him oral sex if he came to her house. When he entered, he found her covered head to toe in a blanket and when she wouldn’t remove the blanket, he left. But after “Missy Lee” called him back, he returned to the house, but she still wouldn’t come out from under the blanket or turn on the light. Fortunately, a cell phone rang, and the light of the screen revealed the person he was talking to had facial hair and another person had entered the room.

Thinking he was about to be robbed, he punched the person under the blanket, at which point the screams of pain revealed “Missy Lee” to be male.

At that point, the police report said Enemkpali left via the window.

“Missy Lee,” actually a man named Ketryn Anderson.

Sheeesh.  Moral of the story is, don’t mess with Enemkpali, it won’t end well for you.

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source: ProFootballTalk