In a video thats been circulating around the internet, a man who is driving a car gets beat up by a group of woman because he allegedly assaulted one of the women. A passer by records the woman grabbing everything they could get their hands on from some sort of bat/stick to a car seat, and start going HAM on the man and his innocent car. Watch the video after the jump!

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In the beginning of the video you can see him and a single woman tussling. When two others come to the young woman’s rescue. Welding a bat and a baby set they triple team the man. Right before they get back in their car to drive away, one of the woman takes the bat and to the amazement of onlookers smashes his windshield not once not twice but four times. Needless to say, men don’t hit a woman or get into an argument with us while driving.

So this got nuts, looks like NJ, seems like this guy felt like he could push around or put his hands on a woman, and it lead to getting beat up and his car windshield destroyed, don't put your hands on women!!!

Posted by Inflexwetrust.com on Thursday, August 27, 2015