Health officials of San Diego report they will conduct a follow-up inspection of the Chuck E. Cheese’s Grossmont Center location after “fresh and old droppings” from rats were found under storage racks and the children’s play structure area.

Rat Droppings, Urine Found In Play Area At Chuck E Cheese

A mother, Colleen Adam, agreed to help her friend’s 18-month-old son through the play area when she smelled urine and saw the rat feces. She immediately took numerous pictures and reported it to a business manager.

“The kids are crawling through there on their hands and knees and then after that going down to eat their pizza. So, they’re using their rat feces-covered hands to eat Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza,” Adam said.

A public relations department representative, Alexis Linn, confirmed rat droppings were found in the play area and says employees cleaned the mess expeditiously. “We sealed up a couple places near our pipes and since then we have had no issue with rats or droppings anywhere,” she explained. She added this is the first time an issue of this magnitude happened.

“We do mandate daily cleanings at our stores and I will tell you, you’d be shocked at the amount of stuff that can be accrued at a Chuck E. Cheese’s,” said Linn.

Health inspectors plan to visit next week.

Rat Droppings, Urine Found In Play Area At Chuck E Cheese