Woman Beaten Into A Coma By Roommate She Found On Craigslist

Danielle Jones, 23, lays in a coma currently due to the injures she has sustained from the beating she took by the hands of Byron Mitchell. What reason you ask? None…just bad intentions. Hit the jump.

8 Foot Crocodile Found Swimming In Florida Keys Backyard Pool

What would you do if you woke up to look at the beautiful Florida sunshine state weather, maybe think about going to lay out for a bit, catch a tan, go swimming…and than you find this godzilla like creature staring at you from inside of your own pool? He violated. Hit the jump for the full story.

Missing Hollywood Producer From ‘The Avengers’ Found In Mexico

Missing Hollywood producer, Eric Kohler, was discovered in Mexico after he had been reported missing without a trace since November. Usually it’s the other way around as far as fleeing countries go involving Mexico and America, so one could only ask…why? Read the full story on his discovery here.

8 Dead Babies Found In Apartment

A gruesome crime scene was discovered this week, when a woman found one dead baby- which led to an apartment full of them. Hit the jump for the full story.

(Photos) Whoaa.. Teen Learns He’s A Missing Person While Applying For College

13 years ago, a 5 year old boy went missing in his Alabama home. We now learn that the now teen boy has been found, but in the most bizarre way.

Who Would Do This?? – Needles Found Inside Kids Halloween Candy

There are some sick people in this world…a bunch of trick or treaters discovered sewing needles inside their candy bars last night. More after the jump.

Man Wins $1 Million Dollar Lottery Using Money Found On Street

A man, who just happened to find money on a California street, decided to pay lotto with his discovery and found more than a little bit of change.

(Video) Rat Droppings, Urine Found In Play Area At Chuck E Cheese

Health officials of San Diego report they will conduct a follow-up inspection of the Chuck E. Cheese’s Grossmont Center location after “fresh and old droppings” from rats were found under storage racks and the children’s play structure area.

(Video)18th Century Slave Ship Discovered !

YES.. An 18th century slave ship was discovered. The ship was deep inside the ocean and the ship was believed to carry about 500 slaves!

(Photos) Dead Body Found Floating In New Jersey.

Police are working to identify the remains of a deceased male found floating in the Raritan River Saturday night, officials said.

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